For Charts & Pedigrees
Depending upon the time and season, delivery is 4-6 weeks. All charts are drawn by hand. There is no app that does it. Over the years, we have developed a database of >40,000 people and it is being added to daily. We also have a database of over 3,000 coats of arms and access to about that many more.

In the USA, charts are delivered to you via UPS (no P.O. Boxes) to your shipping address in a mailing tube. Shipping costs are included in the price of the charts for the USA. The charts are professionally printed on photo quality paper and are 24x36 or 18x24. The default is 24x36. Both are standard frame sizes.

For Companion Books:
Delivery time is ~10-12 weeks to account for writing and then getting through the editing publishing process.

We have had less than good luck with shipping charts in a mailing tube internationally. For those of you in Europe, Latin America, and Australia we will send you the art file and you can have it printed locally, in whatever size is appropriate for your region. There have been no issues with shipping books internationally.

Payment is expected before the research, verification, and drawing begins.

We will NOT produce a chart that we know is in error. When we find an error, we will notify you of our issue and the reference work we cite.

We are NOT gatekeepers for hereditary societies. We do not expect you to send me a photo ID and birth certificate. Just tell me how you link to a medieval person in the database. We can take it from there.